Youngtown woman breaches quarantine to collect shopping

A 25 year old Youngtown woman has been fined $774 after allegedly being detected breaching her Covid-19 home quarantine requirements.

The woman arrived in the state on 25 October 2020, from New South Wales which is currently considered a medium risk region.  As such she was subject to 14 days’ home quarantine direction.

During the random check of her address on Wednesday she was not at home as required. Police investigated the breach and established that she had travelled to a local shopping centre at Youngtown to collect groceries ordered online.

“Police are satisfied that the woman did not enter the store and there was no close contact with any members of the public and therefore the risk was minimal,” Inspector Darren Hopkins said.

The woman has been issued with a Police Infringement Notice for the offence which carries a penalty of $774.

“While on this occasion no other people were placed at risk, the risk of Covid-19 still exists in this state. Now that the borders are opening, Tasmanians need to stay vigilant with regard to Covid-19 safety advice and directions to ensure we prevent an outbreak or the spreading of the virus within our community,” Inspector Hopkins said.

“Tasmania Police, with the assistance from emergency services volunteers, will continue to monitor and enforce compliance requirements.”

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