West Tamar Highway receives multiple upgrades to maximise safety

The final project of the plan to improve safety (Image: Transport Services)

Preliminary work has started on two projects that will improve safety and travel time reliability on the West Tamar Highway.

One project will address the need for safe overtaking opportunities between Exeter and the Batman Highway junction by providing a new overtaking lane in each direction north of Hjorts Road. Turning facilities will be installed at either end of the overtaking lanes to allow vehicles to turn right safely.

The other project will widen the highway to provide a consistent width of verges and sealed shoulder on either side between McEwans Road and Waldhorn Drive. Sealed road shoulders improve safety by providing more room for drivers to recover control if they drift out of the traffic lane.

The West Tamar Highway is a key route for commuters travelling to and from Launceston, as well as tourists and freight transporters.

β€œThese latest projects are part of our six-point plan, with two projects under the plan already completed and a third – improvements to a section between Rosevears Drive and Gravelly Beach Road – started late last year.” Said Michael Ferguson MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

Work on the final project involves improving sight lines for vehicles entering the highway from Motor Road, and is scheduled to begin later this year.

Further information about the upgrades to the West Tamar Highway are available here.

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