Victoria back on the high risk list for COVID-19

Mr Peter Gutwein, Premier for Tasmania has today issued the following statement in response to the COVID-19 situation that has been unfolding in Victoria.

Protecting the health and safety of Tasmanians is our priority and it is why we have continued to be agile and responsive to COVID risks in other states.

Over the past week we have responded to the situation in Victoria, with 28 hot spots determined with corresponding requirements and restrictions for travelers who have been in them.

This afternoon, Victoria has announced a five-day stage 4 lockdown for the whole state.

Tasmania will respond accordingly and on public health advice, Victoria will be declared a high risk state from midnight tonight.

This means travellers from Victoria will be referred through to the G2G process with affected non-residents denied entry and required to apply to the Deputy State Controller to enter Tasmania. However, to be clear, with Victoria in lock-down, my message to non-Tasmanian residents considering travel to Tasmania is don’t come.

All Tasmanians returning after midnight tonight will be required to undertake 14 days self-isolation in their own premises if suitable, otherwise they will be required to enter hotel quarantine, with those returning in the first 24 hours to have their costs covered by the State Government.  

If Tasmanians returning before midnight tonight have spent time in one of the identified hot-spots they will need to enter hotel-quarantine, which will be paid for by the State Government.

In addition to the hotspots already identified in recent days, we have today received further advice in regards to Terminal 4 in Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

Advice has been sent to people in Tasmania who may have been in the Brunetti café in Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 4 on the 9th of February from 4:45am to 1.15pm, to immediately go into quarantine and call the public health hotline on 1800 671 738.

The advice is also for people in Tasmania who were in Terminal 4, but not the Brunetti Café on this date, to also self-isolate in a suitable premises for 14 days and likewise call the public health hotline on 1800 671 738..

Out of an abundance of caution, anyone who was at the Tullamarine Airport on the 7th or 8th of February and who are currently in Tasmania, will be asked to monitor for symptoms and get tested if they do have any. 

At this stage, Tullamarine will not be closed off to Tasmania, given its significance as a transport hub, but we will continue to monitor Public Health advice and today’s developments are another vital reminder about the importance of our mandatory face mask wearing directive to reduce risk and help keep everyone safe.

We have seen Victoria move swiftly to get on top of COVID, and I am sure this will again be a temporary measure, and I thank everyone for their cooperation as we continue to prioritise the health and safety of Tasmanians.

We all must continue to be vigilant at all times. Keep washing your hands, get tested if you have symptoms, stay home if you are sick, cover your coughs and sneezes appropriately and please follow the latest restrictions.

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