Vaccinations for school aged children set to open

In an effort to get as many Tasmanian children vaccinated before the new school year, dedicated children’s clinics will be kicking off tomorrow right across the state.

“We are committed to giving every primary school age child the opportunity to have at least one does of the vaccine before schools return from summer holidays in February.” Said Minister for Education, Sarah Courtney

“I would like to encourage all parents and carers to book their children into one of the special COVID-19 vaccination clinics for 5-11 year olds, as we know that vaccination is the best defence against the symptoms of COVID-19.”

The clinics are set up to deliver the special children’s dose of the Pfizer vaccine which is a third of the adult dose and is recommended by health authorities as the most effective and safe way to protect children from COVID-19.

“It’s pleasing to see that more than 40% of children aged 5 to 11 have already booked in for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at a state-run vaccination clinic.”

This figure does not include bookings with GPs, who are also set to play an important role in vaccinating children in this age group.

The choice to vaccinate children in this cohort – while strongly recommended – is entirely voluntary and will not be mandated.

“In addition, the Department of Education is working closely with Public Health as we plan for the return of students to school on February 9.”

“Any changes to the plan for students to return to school on February 9 based on Public Health advice will be communicated clearly with schools and communities, and stakeholder groups.”

“The Department of Education is currently implementing a range of measures in schools including natural ventilation improvements, air purifiers, enhancing outdoor learning and additional cleaning arrangements to ensure the safety of students.”

Tasmanians are encouraged to continue to use common sense: wear your mask indoors, practice good hygiene, get tested if unwell even with mild symptoms and use the Check in Tas App.

To see a full list of state-run community clinics and to make a booking visit: or call the Public Health Hotline 1800 671 738.

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