Traffic operation revealed fourteen motorists breaking the law

Southern Police are urging all motorists to do the right thing and be safe on the roads to protect themselves and others from crashes.  

“Police are conducting high-visibility traffic operations across the state this week, aimed at encouraging all motorists to do the right thing on our roads,” said Southern Road and Public Order Services, Inspector Justin Lawson.

“With a devastating number of crashes on Tasmanian roads last year, police urge all motorists to be safe to protect themselves and others from crashes.”

“The main causal factors for the fatalities and serious injuries on Tasmanian roads in 2021 was Inattention, Speed and Alcohol – which are three of the well-publicised Fatal Five contributors to crashes.”

“Concerningly, year to date in this financial year, in Southern Tasmania, there have been 1,900 prosecutions for motorists driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, 14,500 infringements have been issued for speeding (10,500 as cautions), and 935 infringements have been issued to drivers using their mobile phones.”

“There are fines for disobeying the road rules, but the real penalty could be seriously injuring or killing yourself or someone else in a crash.”

All motorists are urged to remember the fatal five contributors to crashes every time they travel on the roads:

  • Obey the speed limit – it’s there for a reason.
  • Pay attention – one moment of distraction is all it takes to cause a crash.
  • Rest if you’re tired – arriving late is better than not arriving at all.
  • Buckle up every person in the vehicle – seatbelts save lives.
  • Never drive after drinking or taking drugs – you’ll be putting more than your life on the line.

Police from Southern Road and Public Order Services conducted high-visibility traffic operations at Primrose Sands, Dodges Ferry and Clarendon Vale today.

In just over four hours, police intercepted a total of 230 vehicles, and detected:

  • 2 motorists driving under the influence of drugs 
  • 1 unlicensed driver 
  • 1 disqualified driver 
  • 1 unregistered motor vehicle 
  • 9 vehicles with defects
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