Three jumped from a yacht after it broke its mooring

Three men received medical treatment after a boat ran aground at The Gardens near St Helens early this morning.

A 33 foot single hull yacht broke its mooring at Binalong Bay and ran aground on Taylors Beach, The Gardens, about 2am. At the time the vessel ran aground, the vessel had three occupants. 

All thee occupants were required to jump from the vessel and into the surf of the beach. Two made it to shore quickly while a 72 year old man remained in the water for approximately 20 minutes before reaching shore.

One of the men made his way to a nearby residence and raised the alarm. 

All three men were treated by ambulance officers and transferred to the St Helens District Hospital for observation and treatment. 

The vessel remains aground at the northern end of Taylors Beach. 

At the time of the incident, the weather was described as poor.

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