The TEC dispatch apparent failure to vote notices for two compulsory elections

Recently, the TEC conducted two compulsory elections, the Legislative Council by-election for the division of Pembroke in September and the 2022 state-wide local government postal elections in October.

The TEC have lodged approximately 2,900 notices to electors who appeared to have failed to vote and have been advised to respond in one of three ways:

  • pay the fine ($36.20),
  • provide details on how they did vote or,
  • provide a valid and sufficient reason as to why they could not vote.

More information can be found on the TEC website.

Following legislative changes in June, voting at Tasmanian local government elections became compulsory.

The TEC has lodged close to 40,000 letters to electors who appeared to have failed to vote.

On this occasion, for the following reasons the Commissioner has resolved that no penalties will be issued for the 2022 local government elections:

  • These are the first compulsory local government elections,
  • Concerns about accessibility of electoral materials for vision-impaired and print disabled electors,
  • Adverse weather events, particularly in northern Tasmania during the polling period that could have impacted elector ability to return ballot papers,
  • The short timeframe between the change to compulsory voting and the commencement of the elections,
  • The restricted access to postal voting services for electors travelling overseas.

However, if electors fail, without a valid and sufficient reason, to vote at any future elections, penalties may apply.

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