The Government will invest over $5 million to deliver more school nurses

Sarah Courtney, Minister for Education stated in a media release that the Tasmanian Liberal Government recognise education as being a powerful driver for improving economic and social outcomes in Tasmania including health, life expectancy, happiness and productivity.

“During the election we committed $5.36 million to deliver more school nurses, and in line with our commitment in our first 100 Day Plan, advertising for an additional 11.4 FTE school health nurses will kick off tomorrow.” She said.

“These nurses have proven a huge success since they were introduced in 2015, by supporting student wellbeing and assisting with a range of issues including healthy eating, sleep, stress, anxiety and mental health issues.“
“As the new Minister for Education, I am committed to continuing the significant investments already made in our students and to accelerating our efforts to improve education outcomes across the State.”
“Today during my first school visit since becoming the Minister for Education, I spoke with students from Exeter High School and heard first-hand about the positive impact recent upgrades have made to their learning.”
“Exeter High School is one of many that will further benefit from the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s $100 million school renewal program, which was also announced during the election campaign.”
“The Government is hitting the ground running and delivering these important initiatives, and I look forward to meeting with more students and staff over the coming weeks as we work hard to secure their future.”
More information about the school nurse jobs can be found at

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