Tasmanians urged to act now and be ready for the bushfire season

A Fire Permit Period was declared on Wednesday the 1st of December to ensure the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) is able to monitor fires during the upcoming spikes in fire danger and to mitigate the risk of bushfires as best as possible.

“While the current overall assessment for the 21/22 Bushfire Season is for a normal fire potential, this means we will have bushfires and Total Fire Ban days – because that is normal for our state during the summer months.” Said Jacquie Petrusma, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management.

“The TFS is well prepared for the bushfire season, and we are urging the Tasmanian community to do the same, because we cannot be complacent about the dangers of bushfire.”

A new advertising campaign ‘Bushfire – Why Risk It’, has been launched today calling on Tasmanians to act now and spend just a few minutes planning for what they will do if a bushfire threatens their home.

The message Tasmanians will see and hear is simple – “Don’t wait until it’s too late, do your 5-minute bushfire plan now!”

An easy-to-use template is available on the TFS website and is an excellent resource to get Tasmanians of all ages thinking about what they will need to do if a bushfire occurs near them.

Being prepared can make it less stressful and may reduce the impact it has on you and your loved ones if a bushfire does occur near you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, go to fire.tas.gov.au to do your 5-minute bushfire plan now.

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