Tasmanian residents encouraged to ‘Make Yourself at Home’

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the Government announced earlier in the month they would be introducing a new $7.5 million incentive scheme to encourage Tasmanian’s to get out and experience their home state.

To assist as many people as possible, eligible Tasmanian’s will be able to take advantage of the Make Yourself at Home travel voucher over the next few months.

The initiative is set to run between 7th October 2020 and 1st December 2020, including through the school holiday period.

The voucher is applicable for people who reside in Tasmania and will allow them to claim back money they have spent on items such as accommodation or tourism experiences.

In a media release issued on 27th August 2020 by Peter Gutwein he stated;

‘The amount we will reimburse for valid travel activity is as follows:’

  • ‘One adult can register for one (1) x $100 accommodation voucher and one $50 experience voucher.’
  • ‘A couple can access up to two (2) x $100 accommodation vouchers to use on different nights and two (2) x $50 experience vouchers.’
  • ‘Families can register either as a single parent or for two parents and can access up to two (2) $150 accommodation vouchers to use on different nights.  As well as one (1) $50 experience voucher for each parent, and a $50 experience voucher is available for each child up to a maximum of three (3) children.’

The full terms and conditions of the vouchers are yet to be determined; however, Tasmanian’s are encouraged to make the most of it.

Registrations open from 9am Monday, 7th September 2020 with a limited number of vouchers available.

Further information about the vouchers can be found by going to: www.makeyourselfathome.com.au/voucher

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