Tasmanian Police in the states south had a busy new year’s eve

Tasmania Police is generally happy with the behaviour of Tasmanians during New Year’s Eve festivities held last night.

Acting Inspector Dean McMahon from Launceston Police said there was a large volume of people in the Launceston CBD but anti-social behaviour was quite minimal which pleased police working in the Northern District.

“We had a high visibility police presence across the state, we mainly focused on anti-social behaviour,” Acting Inspector McMahon said, “in general terms, anti-social behaviour was quite good.”

In the Western District, there were very few reports of anti-social behaviour. The crowd at the Burnie New Year’s Eve Sports Carnival was generally well behaved, however, a 39 year old Hillcrest man was arrested after he entered the reserved area of the sports venue during the event.

In the Southern District, Tasmania Police had a busy evening responding to incidents in the greater Hobart suburban area.

“The Hobart waterfront was highly populated,” Acting Inspector McMahon said, “overall, Tasmania Police is quite happy with the behaviour of the Tasmanian community.”

Breakdown of arrests made by Tasmania Police between 8:00pm on 31 December 2020 and 8:00am 1 January 2021

Total number of persons arrested: 23

Western District arrests: including four for drink driving related offences.

Northern District arrests: 2.

Southern District: 12 including 5 for anti-social related offences.

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