Tasmanian man fails to quarantine on return to Tasmania

In a media release, Scott Tilyard, Deputy state controller, confirmed that a Tasmanian resident has received a police caution for failing to home quarantine as required, after returning from Victoria on Monday.

Public Health authorities have assessed the risk he has posed to the Tasmaninan community as very low.
Victoria is currently classified as a high-risk area, due to COVID-19 cases, which means travellers must
quarantine for 14 days after entering Tasmania.

In registering to return to Tasmania, the person indicated he had transitted through Victoria and was
therefore approved to return to Tasmania without quarantine requirements. It has since been
established that he transited through metropolitan Melbourne to the airport but had spent the weekend
in regional Victoria.

Had his Tas e-Travel application correctly stated that he had spent time in regional Victoria he would
have been instructed to home quarantine for 14 days.

\Upon returning to Tasmania the person attended his workplace on Tuesday and Wednesday. On
Wednesday he was instructed by others to return home.

The person has now been directed to home quarantine for 14 days (backdated to Monday 7/6) and has
had his first COVID-19 test, as required of all returned travellers from high-risk areas. The result has
not yet returned.

He has not reported any symptoms and since returning to Tasmanian and has had limited movements.
We are satisfied on the information he has provided that he spent his time in regional Victoria and only
transited through greater Melbourne from and to the airport.

On the basis of the information provided, Public Health Services assesses the risk to the site and other
workers as very low.

Staff at his workplace can continue to attend the workplace and do not need to take any additional
precautions or actions. Staff at the site do not need to be tested.

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