Tasmania SES launch new Flood Warning System

This week a new Tasmania SES Flood Warning System is launched – designed to provide timely, accurate and easy to understand information to the public regarding imminent flood risks. 

“As Acting Director of the State Emergency Service – which is the Response Management Authority for flooding in Tasmania – I am pleased to launch the new Tasmania SES Flood Warning System,” said Leon Smith. 

“Flooding is one of Tasmania’s most frequent, disastrous, and costly natural hazards, and our new SES Flood Warning System is designed to empower people to make informed decisions to keep them safer during a flood emergency.” 

The new system adopts the Australian Warning System, which was a recommendation from both the 2016 Blake Review and the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements. 

“Our new system will distribute intention-based ‘call-to-action’ advice to the community, complementing the Bureau of Meteorology’s Flood Warnings and Watches,” said Acting Director Smith. 

“The system consists of three ascending warning levels – Advice (yellow), Watch and Act (orange), and Emergency Warning (red).” 

When a Tasmania SES Flood Warning is issued, the information will be published on the TasALERT website and socials, the Tasmania SES socials and broadcast on ABC radio. 

Further details are available on the Tasmania SES website, ses.tas.gov.au/warnings, and TasALERT.com which is the Tasmanian Government’s official emergency warning and information website.

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