Tasmania faces dangerous road conditions

With the Bureau of Meteorology issuing a road weather alert for Tasmania for later today and during Tuesday for snow covered roads, it’s essential that everyone slow down and drive safely.

Inspector Brian Edmonds from Tasmania Police said people need to be aware of the conditions and change their plans if necessary.

“The Bureau of Meteorology has issued warnings for road users and bushwalkers, and we need people to heed that advice.”

“We’re expecting strong winds, wet conditions and even ice and snow, which means our roads will be slippery and motorists will need to be extremely cautious.”

“The cold weather will also pose a serious risk to bushwalkers, so please reconsider if you were planning on doing a walk over the next few days.”

“We need Tasmanians to be sensible and to do what they can to keep themselves safe in these conditions.”

“Never drive faster than the speed limit, and if conditions are wet, dark or frosty, slow down and travel at a speed that allows plenty of time to stop quickly and safely.”

“Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front and be aware roads can become slippery – so drive accordingly.”

“Don’t allow distractions like mobile phones to affect your judgement and reaction times.”

“Make sure you turn your headlights on if it’s dark, or visibility is poor.”

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