Substantial rewards offered in exchange for information about unsolved murders

IMAGE: Tasmania Police

People who provide information leading to the conviction of offenders for unsolved murders in Tasmania are now eligible for a $500,000 reward.

Assistant Commissioner Jonathan Higgins said that there were currently seven unsolved murder or suspected murder investigations cases in Tasmania with current rewards for information leading to a conviction. These rewards vary in amounts from $30,000 to $250,000.

“These rewards are an important investigative tool that may entice people with crucial information to come forward and provide this to police.” Assistant Commissioner Higgins said.

“Today I’m pleased to announce that rewards for these cases have increased significantly to $500,000 each.”

The cases include:

  • Nancy Grunwaldt, who went missing from the east coast in 1993. Extensive investigations have been carried out but she has never been located. Nancy’s original reward was $30,000.
  • Victoria Cafasso, was murdered on Beaumaris Beach on the east coast in 1995. No one has been charged after several lengthy investigations. Victoria’s original reward was $50,000.
  • Paul Winston Byrne was reporting missing in 1996. It is strongly suspected he was murdered in Rossarden in north-east Tasmania. Paul’s original reward was $100,000.
  • Helen Munnings disappeared from the Burnie area around 23 July 2008. The Coroner determined that Helen died in Burnie on or about this day. It is strongly suspected she was murdered. Helen’s original reward was $250,000.
  • Simon Crisp was shot dead in the carpark of the Marrawah Hotel in the north-west in 2013. After extensive investigations, no one has been charged. Simon’s original reward was $50,000.
  • Eve Askew, 14, was reported missing from her home in Fitzgerald in southern Tasmania in November 1991. She has never been located and it’s believed she met with foul play. Eve’s original reward was $100,000.
  • Christopher Dean Watkins disappeared from a unit in Box St, Mayfield, on or about 7 August 2013. There is significant, credible information that he was abducted and murdered. Extensive investigations have been undertaken but no one has been charged in relation to his murder. Christopher’s original reward was $50,000.

Assistant Commissioner Higgins said that police investigations were never closed until those responsible were brought to justice.

“Families always deserve answers to what happened to their loved ones and we owe it to them to find those answers.” He said.

“In the passage of time someone’s circumstances and allegiances may have changed and the offer of a life-changing amount of money may be the motivation they need to come forward.

“This kind of money allows a fresh start.”

Assistant Commissioner Higgins said that police strongly believed that there were people who had vital information that could lead to a conviction in these cases.

“If you have information about any of these cases, please come forward and help us provide some kind of closure to the families and loved ones of the victims.” He said.

“Anyone with information that could assist our police investigations and to help solve these cases is asked to contact Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at”

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