Statewide fire permits to be in place

Tasmania Fire Service

Are you thinking about lighting a fire over the summer? Starting from 2am, Friday 4th December 2020, the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) have declared that Tasmania will enter a statewide fire permit period until the end of the bushfire season.

TFS Chief Officer Chris Arnol said an increase in escaped private hazard reduction burns over the past few weeks has prompted TFS to put measures in place to provide further protection for communities from bushfire.

“Although we have had significant rainfall over recent months, around much of the state there is thick, dry vegetation ready to burn and it’s time to put the appropriate protections in place for people wishing to burn on their property.

From this Friday until the end of the bushfire season, people wishing to light a fire in the open will require a free permit from a local permit officer,” Mr Arnol said.

TFS permit officers issue permits with clear conditions that will ensure any burn is conducted as safely as possible. The landowner is responsible for their own burn, and fire permits offer a certain level of protection when landowners adhere to the fire permit’s conditions.

“As we move into warmer and drier conditions, people need to be extremely careful using fire. The declaration of the fire permit period is not designed to discourage people from burning, but it is a way of reducing the likelihood of escaped fires because people will be burning when the conditions are right.

“Permits also allow TFS to monitor fires in the landscape during expected spikes in fire danger,” Mr Arnol said.

Campfires and barbeques do not require a permit. However, people must always remain in attendance while any fires remain alight and ensure they are completely extinguished before being left unattended.

If a fire does escape, call Triple Zero (000) immediately so emergency services can respond and keep damage to a minimum.

Check with your local council for additional burning restrictions.

For information on how to obtain a fire permit free call 1800 000 699 or visit

While the fire permit period is in place the following will apply:

People intending to light a fire for burning vegetation or a similar purpose must obtain a permit.

People intending to light a fire at a sawmill or factory for burning wood waste or other flammable material must obtain a permit.

People intending to light a fire for cooking, warmth or disposal of garden waste do not require a permit provided that:

  • the fire is not lit in peat, humus, or marram grass
  • the fire is always attended by a responsible adult until it is extinguished.
  • all flammable material is removed down to bare earth at least three metres radius around the fire
  • it is less than one cubic metre in size

NOTE: Some Local Government authorities prohibit backyard burning in residential areas

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