Southern Tasmania faces 3-day lockdown following positive COVID case

Following a 31-year-old man from NSW who tested positive after absconding from quarantine at the Travelodge, Hobart will now face a 3-day snap lockdown.

The lockdown will begin at 6pm today.

You must stay at home if you have symptoms, unless you are:

  • Shopping for urgent household supplies within 5 km of home — only one person from a household at any one time.
  • Attending medical or health care appointments, including COVID-19 testing or vaccinations.
  • A permitted worker  — a person working for a provider or business that is permitted to operate, and who cannot work from home.
  • Going to school  — if the child of a permitted worker, or if unable to learn at home, or going to child care.
  • Exercising once per day outdoors within 5 km of home for up to two hours — alone or with your household or with one other person for safety reasons.
  • Caring for a vulnerable person  or for other compassionate reasons.
  • In other permitted circumstances, such as in an emergency or to escape harm relating to family violence.

More to come

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