Short stay visitors to pay more for National Parks visits

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In a media release issued yesterday, 12th August 2020 by Roger Jaensch, Minister for Environment and Parks, entry fees for Tasmania’s national parks are set to change.

The Tasmanian Government is modernising the structure of entry fees to Tasmania’s national parks to ensure we can invest more into the sustainability of our parks, while reducing the cost for those who regularly access them.

Prices for two-year and annual parks passes, which are most commonly purchased by Tasmanians, will decrease from 1 September 2020. The changes were originally due to take effect from 1 May 2020 but were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the first major change to prices in over a decade and it will allow us to keep the cost down for locals who visit more frequently.

Our national parks are one of the main reasons people visit Tasmania and a key driver of our economy, especially in our regional areas.

A new icon park fee at Cradle Mountain has also been created to reflect the special experience offered to visitors, and the additional services required to manage visitor numbers such as the dedicated shuttle bus service.

The new fee structure will complement our continued investment in our national parks and reserves and will ensure we can meet the expectations of locals and visitors alike while protecting what makes these areas so special.

The new prices are:

 Current FeesNew Fees
Annual visitors  
Two Year All Parks$123.00$115.00
Annual All Parks$96.00$90.00
Seniors Two Year$49.00$46.00
Seniors Annual$38.00$36.00
One Park Annual (exc-Icon)$49.00$46.00
Short Stay visitors  
Day Person$12.00$20.00
Day Vehicle$24.00$40.00
Holiday Person (8 week)$30.00$40.00
Holiday Vehicle (8 week)$60.00$80.00
Icon Day Adult (CM)$16.50$25.00
Icon NP Child (CM)$8.25$10.00
Icon Day Family (CM)$41.25$60.00
Commercial Op Day Person (exc Icon NP)$12.00$20.00
Commercial Op Multi Day Person$30.00$40.00
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