Senior Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang members charged

Two senior outlaw motorcycle gang members have been charged over two separate incidents.

A 21 year old man, who is a senior member of the Nomads OMCG, was charged with Common Assault and bailed to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court on 4 January 2021 following an incident in Harrington Street Hobart about 1am yesterday.

Police allege the OMCG member punched a taxi passenger who sustained minor facial injuries. A quantity of a suspected illicit substance was seized during a search of the man and is currently undergoing drug analysis by Forensic Science Service Tasmania.

A 29 year old Glenorchy man, another senior member of the Nomads OMCG, will be summonsed to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court on drug charges.

About 9am today, members of Southern Drug Investigative Services and Serious Organised Crime Unit attended a Glenorchy address where a drug related search warrant was executed.

Police allege a cannabis grow room was located in a detached garage and evidence of a recent cultivation was identified. The search of the residence resulted in a quantity of cannabis bud being seized along with snaplock bags containing cocaine and a box of ammunition.

The man will be proceeded against by summons for Selling a controlled plant product, Selling a controlled drug (cocaine), Possess controlled plant product, Possess ammunition without a licence, Use firearm whilst not the holder of a licence x 2, Use controlled plant product and Use Controlled drug.

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