Search and rescue capabilities set to expand in Tasmania

Tasmania’s search and rescue capability is expanding with additional police officers and flight paramedics trained for duties on-board the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

“Seven new crew members are in the final stage of their training to become part of the search and rescue team of police officers, paramedics and doctors that utilise the Westpac Rescue Helicopter,” said Senior Constable Chris Williams from Police Marine and Rescue Services.

Two police Constables (both men) will complete training on 11 December, adding to the five additional intensive care flight paramedics (four men and one woman) who completed training recently.

“Next week all seven additional air crew members will have completed their rigorous training program, which included a ground and flying course, wilderness survival, and wire awareness,” said Senior Constable Williams.

“Being part of the rescue helicopter crew is a challenging but rewarding and exciting role.”

The new members will increase the rescue crew to a total 13 Police, 12 Doctors and 15 Intensive Care Flight Paramedics on a roster system.

“Each of the additional member is highly-qualified and satisfied a long list of essential criteria to become rescue crew members.

“As summer commences, it is timely to remind anyone planning on exploring in Tasmania’s wilderness to be prepared. Before heading out into the wilderness, remember to register your personal locator beacon and carry it with you at all times, check the weather forecast, carry appropriate safety equipment and supplies and always advise someone of your travel plans and intended route.”

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