Road users told to play by the rules ahead of the football weekend

Thousands of footy fans will be travelling on our roads over the next few days, with AFL elimination finals taking place in Launceston on both Saturday and Sunday.

Tasmania Police will have an increased traffic presence throughout the weekend, to make sure all road users are playing by the rules.

“We know there will be winners and losers at the football, but when it comes to road safety, we’re all on the same team.” said Acting Inspector Mel Death.

“Please drive safely and think about your fellow road users. When there’s a casualty on our roads, everyone loses.”

“Don’t travel over the speed limit, pay close attention, and if you’re having a drink get someone else to drive.”

“Police will be out on patrol in both marked and unmarked vehicles, and we will be handing out penalties to anyone disobeying the rules.”

26 people have died on Tasmanian roads this year, three more than this time last year.

The fatal five driving behaviours remain the highest contributors to serious and fatal crashes. These are speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, fatigue, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and being distracted while driving.

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