Risdon Prison will see new recruits join the force

After 10 weeks of intensive training, the Tasmanian Prison Services (TPS) will see 12 new graduates join the force at the Risdon Prison Complex.

The latest batch of recruits follows the 23 new Correctional Officers who joined the TPS late last year, bringing the total number of new recruits since 2016 to more than 200.

A special ceremony was held in Hobart today for the 12 new graduating recruits.

“I was pleased to attend the ceremony along with the recruits’ family and friends as well as our senior TPS Officers and Department of Justice officials at the Tasmanian Hockey Centre today.” Said Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections.

The latest TPS recruits will undertake duties that contribute to rehabilitation outcomes for prisoners, to ensure safer communities around the state.

“Further recruitment is now being planned as our Government continues to deliver on our $355 million investment in new infrastructure and upgraded facilities that will improve and future-proof the State’s corrections system.” “This includes the construction of the $85 million Southern Remand Centre project which is on track to be completed at the end of this year.”

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