Response team established within WorkSafe Tasmania to aid businesses with COVID-19 conditions

A permanent dedicated COVID-19 response unit has now been established within WorkSafe Tasmania to assist Tasmanian businesses with COVID-19 conditions. 

The dedicated unit will comprise six inspectors spread across the three regions of Tasmania, and will help to ensure the health and safety of Tasmanian workers and the community is protected.

WorkSafe Tasmania inspectors are on the frontline educating businesses to ensure that workplaces are actively applying COVID-19 controls, and since the launch of our COVID‑19 Safety Framework on 8 May 2020, WorkSafe Tasmania has inspected over 3,900 workplaces to check they are COVID-19 Safe.

Inspectors continue to take an educative approach to compliance, particularly where genuine attempts are being made by businesses to comply with applying appropriate controls.  

“Pleasingly, to date there has been little need for a directive approach to be taken with notices only being issued where there is elevated risk and/or repeated non-compliance.” Said Minister for Workplace Safety and Consumer Affairs, Elise Archer

“I would like to thank the Tasmanian community for their extraordinary efforts in implementing COVID-19 controls and working cooperatively with WorkSafe Tasmania inspectors.”

The establishment of this unit follows the Government’s additional funding for the recruitment of six new inspectors earlier in the year which has enhanced WorkSafe Tasmania’s capacity to play its important role in the COVID-19 response, as well as continue with its broader compliance program to ensure the safety of Tasmanian workers in all industries.

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