Reckless motorists caught speeding in the West Coast

Tasmania Police Seeking Go Pro

Police on Tasmania’s west coast caught three motorists travelling at excessive speeds within a half-hour window yesterday afternoon.

Between about 3:30 and 4pm, three men were detected exceeding the 100km/hr speed limit on the Lyell Highway, south of Queenstown.

Two men from Hobart were caught travelling 49 and 40 kilometres over the speed limit and were issued with infringement notices and disqualified from driving for four and three months respectively.

An Ulverstone man, who was driving despite having a suspended P1 licence was caught speeding by 26km/hr. He will be proceeded against by summons, to appear in court at a later date.

“These drivers showed a blatant disregard for other road users,” said Inspector Shane LeFevre.

“Tasmania Police is focused on driver behaviour and will be conducting speed checks across the state with ongoing vigilance.”

“We are expecting significant rainfall across the state over the next few days and we need everyone to take responsibility for keeping us all safe on our roads.”

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