Public Health Advice issued for New Years Eve

Dr Scott McKeown, the Acting Director of Public Health has today issued the following public health advice in preparation for New Years Eve.

Tasmanians are urged to be COVID safe as they prepare for New Year celebrations.

Many Tasmanians will want to enjoy this New Year’s Eve in particular. However, we have to keep on top of COVID as we look forward to farewelling what has been an extraordinary year.

Please show restraint and respect for others and maintain physical distancing, practice COVID safe behaviours and follow current restrictions that are in place to help the Tasmanian community stay safe into next year.

If you’re hosting a party at your house, please adhere to the current gathering restrictions of a maximum of 100 people on your property, including children and babies. If anyone who lives in the house is unwell, you should not have visitors.

When it comes to going out to celebrate, we need the help of both business and patrons.

Venue owners and operators need to adhere to the rules and ensure a maximum density of one person per two square metres up to a maximum of 250 people for an indoor space and 1000 people in an outdoor space.

Standing and drinking alcohol and/or dancing is permitted up to a maximum of 100 people in indoor spaces and 250 people in outdoor spaces of a venue so long as you are within current density requirements.

The current gathering restrictions can be found at Gatherings, density and physical distancing | Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Patrons should do everything they can to help the venues they visit by following the rules. Be patient and be supportive.

Many types of venues must collect patron information if a person is there longer than 15 minutes. This includes clubs, pubs, hotels, restaurants, casinos and other entertainment venues that will be particularly busy on New Year’s Eve. The recording of this information is compulsory and is the responsibility of the venue owner.

The free Check in TAS app supports venues to meet these requirements. Further information on Business restrictions | Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

If you feel unwell, please don’t go out partying and stay home instead. Make sure you get a test. The opening hours for the testing clinics in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie and Devonport can be found at Testing for COVID-19 | Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Further information on COVID safe behaviours can be found at

This story first appeared in Tamar Valley News.

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