Provisional driver charged for speeding 39km/h above limit in Invermay

Two provisional drivers will appear before the Court after they were intercepted hooning and speeding in Invermay on Monday night.

Investigating several complaints of vehicles hooning in the Lindsay Street area, around 8.50pm police observed two vehicles leaving the Riverbend Car Park reaching excessive speeds prior the Goderich Street intersection.

A green Holden Commodore sedan was intercepted after it was detected travelling at 89km/h in the 50km/h zone.  The 22-year-old Provisional driver was fined $731 and 6 demerit points and was disqualified from driving for 3 months.

A white Toyota Hilux utility was also intercepted. The 17-year-old Provisional driver is being summoned to court for speeding and hooning offences.

“It’s timely to remind motorists that speeding is one of the fatal five contributing factors to fatal and serious injury crashes on our roads,” said Sergeant Terry Reaney.

“I urge all motorists to drive to the speed limit and not put themselves and others at risk.”

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