Prominent Tasmanian Senator speaks out against ‘Vaccine Passports’

In emails supplied to The Tasmanian Browser, prominent Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz has made it clear that he would not support a move to implement a ‘vaccine passport’.

“My view is that in a free society people should be able to make up their own mind on matters of a personal medical nature such as what medications or vaccines they inject into their body and they should not be discriminated against for that choice.” Said Senator Abetz.

“History says that more often than not measures designed as “temporary” are never removed. If we implement something like this for domestic travel then it is a very small step to roll it out further to restaurants, theatres, sporting events etc, etc. It would then likely become the norm with booster shots and other vaccines. It would be hard to see such measures as anything but coercion for medical procedures and would most definitely create a permanently discriminated against cohort.” He continued.

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“On that front, it was pleasing to see NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian come out recently against the proposal saying Australians should be able to move freely around the country irrespective of whether they have been vaccinated – “There should be no internal borders. There should be free movement within Australia, vaccine or no vaccine.” Indeed, if we allow restriction of movement between states why not within states? The precedent is unsettling.”

“I also understand Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk has come out against the proposal.”

“You might be aware that Craig Kelly is planning on bringing to Parliament a Bill to ban vaccine passports. I haven’t seen the details of it as yet, but I support what it aims to achieve and if it makes it to the Senate there is every likelihood I will support it.”

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