Police use drone to catch illegal trail bike riders

Tasmania Police

Police have continued to use technology to assist in their fight against the use of illegally ridden trail bikes. The Bridgewater and Gagebrook area were targeted today where the arrest of a 25-year-old man was secured.

Police will allege that the man from Rokeby, whose licence was disqualified, evaded police on a trail bike in Gagebrook today.  With the use of a police drone, the man was detected entering a residence in the area. Police arrived almost immediately to take the man into custody and seize the bike involved.

The man has been charged with offences relating to evade police and driving whilst disqualified. Police will make an application for the bike to be forfeited.

Sergeant Jason Klug said “I would like to remind the public that these matters are taken seriously by police and unnecessarily endanger the public. Police will continue to use advanced technology to detect and apprehend those people offending”.

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