Police urge motorists to help keep everyone safe on the roads

Police Lights

As police conduct a Road Safety Day of Action in Northern and Western Tasmania today, the message to the community is clear – do the right thing and help keep everyone safe on the roads.

“Police will be conducting high visibility and covert traffic activities today across Northern and Western Tasmania, aimed at improving driver behaviours and removing unsafe motorists from the roads,” said Acting Inspector Mel Death.

“Police could be anywhere today – on roads and highways, alternative routes out of towns and cities, back streets, and rural roads – all focused on the fatal five contributors to crashes.”

All motorists are encouraged to drive to survive the Fatal Five contributors to crashes and remember to:

·         Follow the speed limit

·         Pay attention and leave your phone alone

·         Take a break if you’re tired

·         Always wear your seatbelt or helmet

·         Never drive if you’ve taken drugs or been drinking.

“I remind all motorists that speeding is one of the fatal five contributors to fatal and serious injury crashes on our roads,” said Acting Inspector Death.

“The Road Safety Advisory Council’s recently launched Over is Over campaign highlights that speed limits are limits, and they’re there for a reason. If you’re travelling over the limit, even “just a bit” – you’re speeding, and police will be enforcing this and issuing infringements if people are doing the wrong thing.”

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