Police target road users who still don’t get the message

Police conducted a number of traffic operations today in the areas of Kimberley, Railton and Sheffield, targeting speeding offences in school zones and road works as well as seatbelt offences.

As a result of the operation, a 46-year-old Sheffield man who was driving with a suspended license was detected exceeding the speed limit by 31km/h (in a 60km/h zone).  He will appear before the Devonport Court at a later date.

Additionally, 13 other people were issued with traffic infringements for speeding and five infringements were issued to people failing to wear a seatbelt.

Sergeant Nigel Sheahen of the Western Road Safety Task Force said β€œIt is particularly concerning that a majority of these offences occurred in areas which have particular speed limits applied to them for the specific purpose of protecting vulnerable persons within those areas. Driving safely and to the conditions is a full-time job when you are behind the wheel”.

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