Police renew call for community to make informed decisions to stay safe and keep out of flood waters

With severe weather impacting the state over the past couple of days, police are renewing their call for people to make informed decisions to stay safe – and never drive through floodwaters. 

Community safety is a key priority for Tasmania Police, and Assistant Commissioner Jonathan Higgins, said “I cannot emphasise this enough to the community – please, heed the warnings and make informed decisions to keep yourself, and others safe.”

“Conditions outside and on the roads are unsafe due to the intense rain and flooding – and I urge people to restrict all non-essential travel, and to evacuate early to stay safe.” 

Roads may become damaged, there may be water across roadways, trees down and debris. 

“If you’re in the north-west and north of the state, you must carefully consider your need to travel. Where it’s essential to travel on the roads – to safely evacuate an area – drive with extreme caution.” 

“Keep up-to-date with the weather and flood warnings, and in areas affected by floodwaters, make a decision to leave early for a place of safety or an evacuation centre outside the flood zone.” 

Yesterday, the police radio room received around 586 calls for assistance, with around 170 specifically related to the weather. 

“This morning police received a call to assist people in a vehicle stranded in flood waters at Deloraine because they chose to attempt to drive through a flooded road, and last night a family in a house at Liffey surrounded by floodwaters,” Assistant Commissioner Higgins said. 

“Further, this morning police have received several reports of vehicles attempting to drive through floodwaters.” 

“Rivers will continue to rise over the next few days and I urge everyone to keep up to date with warnings and advice from official emergency services including the Bureau of Meteorology and TasAlert and be safe.” 

“I implore the community – be informed and make decisions to keep safe. If you are on the roads and need assistance or stranded in flood waters when it could have been prevented – that’s going to divert emergency responders from the flood emergency.” 

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