Police issue infringement after a woman and her child breach Government hotel quarantine

A woman who travelled from Victoria breached Government hotel quarantine with her young child yesterday and will receive a Police Infringement Notice, requiring her to pay a fine of $774.

The breach occurred at 6.20pm last night from the Ibis Hotel in Hobart and they were returned to quarantine by police at 7.40pm.

They travelled in a taxi during the time that they were out of quarantine. Public Health contact tracers are working to establish any other movements and contacts.

As an additional public health precaution the woman will be subject to testing and more frequent COVID-19 screening for symptoms to ensure the earliest possible identification of any disease. Appropriate contact tracing and quarantining of any further contacts will be immediately implemented if required.

In Tasmania, domestic hotel quarantine is provided by private security firms – which has provided and continues to provide a high standard of security since the start of the pandemic.

Tasmania Police continues to provide support to private security, including call-when-needed and regular checks at hotels.

Tasmania Police was called as soon as the incident occurred last night and it was resolved quickly.

The model for domestic security has served us well in keeping the community safe – we have had very few issues with non-compliance.

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