Police defect 22 vehicles after New Norfolk traffic operation

Police are imploring motorists to obey the road rules and be safe following a traffic operation in New Norfolk this morning. 

“This morning New Norfolk Police and Road and Public Order Services conducted a traffic operation on Hamilton Road and Backriver Road.” said Inspector Philippa Burk.

“In the three-hour period, concerningly police detected three drivers speeding between 15-23 kilometers above the limit, which is reckless and dangerous.”

“In addition, two drivers returned positive oral fluid tests and 22 vehicles were inspected to be defective.” 

During the operation, police detected: 

  • 3 drivers speeding 15-23km above the limit 
  • 1 driver speeding in a school zone
  • 2 drivers who returned positive oral fluid test
  • 1 suspended driver
  • 1 unlicenced driver 
  • 22 motor vehicle defects
  • 4 parking offences in a no standing zone 
  • 2 parking offences in a bus zone 

“Police will continue to conduct targeted traffic operations with the aim of removing unsafe motorists and vehicles from our roads, and improving driver behaviours.”

“I urge all motorists to consider their actions every time they travel on the roads, to prevent crashes and protect themselves and others from death or serious injury.” 

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