Police continue searching for a man wanted over New Norfolk shooting

Police believe a man wanted over the shooting of two police vehicles near New Norfolk, earlier in the week is being assisted by people known to him.

Commander Tim Dooley said today that police intelligence gathered and information provided from members of the community to date led police to believe that Robert George Greig, 33, of Brighton, is being assisted by associates. 

Shots were fired at a police vehicle with two police officers inside when they were travelling to arrest the alleged family violence offender near Glenfern at approximately 11.50pm on Monday evening.

“Police want to resolve this incident safely for everyone, including Mr Greig, responding police officers and the community.” Commander Dooley said.

“If you or someone you know is helping Mr Greig avoid police, now is the time to come forward. We want this situation to end safely for everyone concerned.”

A taskforce is underway to deal with evidence gathering and investigating the two shooting incidents, while other resources remained committed and dedicated to locating Mr Greig.

“Police continued our search of houses and properties in the southern Tasmanian region in the last 24 hours in a bid to locate Mr Greig and the blue Holden Colorado 4WD registration YD08IP.”

“We can’t discount the possibility that the vehicle may have been modified with some parts repainted with an undercoat grey colour.”

Significant police resources including the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, drones and specialist resources, have been deployed since the incident on Monday evening.

“Police would like to acknowledge the support and assistance of the local community as we carry out our investigations. We appreciate their patience and understanding, and we are working hard to safely resolve this situation as soon as we can.”

Members of the public who have seen Mr Greig or the vehicle he is believed to be driving are asked to not approach him but instead call Police on 131444. 

If you know where Mr Greig is currently located – please contact Police on 131444 or Crime Stoppers at crimestopperstas.com.au

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