Partisan Politics Now Prominent In The Legislative Council

With the results from the Legislative Council Elections in both Rosevears and Huon showing a likely win for Liberal and Labor Party candidates in each electorate respectively, the Tasmanian Government is slipping further away from independent representation.

In Rosevears, Liberal Party Candidate Jo Palmer is leading in the votes, and although counting is still underway, it seems unlikely that Independent candidate Janie Finlay will be able to get the numbers to take the lead.

Jo Palmer (Source: Tas Liberals)

Meanwhile in Huon, Labor Party Candidate Bastian Seidel is well ahead and likely to win.

Bastian Seidel (Source: Twitter)

Assuming that both Jo Palmer and Bastian Seidel are elected, the make up of the Legislative Council for Tasmania will be 7 Independents, 5 Labor Party Members and 3 Liberal Party Members.

Historically, the Legislative Council has consisted mainly of Independent members, and whilst it’s true that independents often have party affiliations or are aligned with a particular party in their beliefs or thinking, the Tasmanian community has still appreciated this independent representation.

Legislative Council elections in Tasmania are conducted on a periodic cycle, where elections for 3 members are held in May one year, and elections for 2 members are held in May the following year, continuously.

The 2020 Elections were delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The next Legislative Council elections for Tasmania are due for the electorates of Derwent, Mersey and Windermere in May 2021.

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