Operation Safe Arrival – Making sure we all arrive safely these holidays

Police Lights

Police are calling on Tasmanians to help them keep everyone safe on our roads this festive season, with Operation Safe Arrival launching this week.

“The goal is clear – let’s all make sure everyone gets where they’re going safely this holiday period,” said Assistant Commissioner Jonathan Higgins.

Operation Safe Arrival is running from Thursday, 23 December to Sunday, 2 January.

Police will be targeting known hotspots for unsafe road behaviour and will be patrolling main roads and highways, alternative routes out of towns and cities, targeting the back streets, rural roads, and entertainment districts.

“Last year we had one person killed and nine people injured in crashes on Tasmanian roads during the festive season,” said Assistant Commissioner Higgins.

“With our borders open, we now have more tourists travelling around Tasmania – so there’s even more cars, bikes, caravans, boats and trailers on our roads.”

The message to all road users this festive season is to:

  • Follow the speed limit
  • Pay attention – leave your phone alone
  • Take a break if you’re tired,
  • Always wear your seatbelt or helmet
  • Don’t drive if you’ve taken drugs or been drinking. 

“The Road Safety Advisory Council’s new Over is Over campaign highlights that speed limits are limits, and they’re there for a reason,” said Assistant Commissioner Higgins.

“If you’re travelling over the limit, even “just a bit” – you’re speeding, and police will be enforcing this and issuing infringements if people are doing the wrong thing.”

“Let’s keep everyone safe these holidays, please take care if you’re on our roads.”

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