Northern wildlife park forced to close due to flooding

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As wild weather continues to wreak havoc across Tasmania, Wing’s Wildlife Park, located in the North of the state, has been forced to close its doors after becoming inundated with water.

The park shared their devastation in a Facebook poster earlier today that read:

Flooding of the Walloa Creek that flows through the centre of Wing’s Wildlife Park has impacted the park for the 3rd time in 11 years, this time creating significant structural damage to the park café, office, and wildlife infrastructure. Within hours the Walloa Creek rose over 3 metres caused by floating tree branches and stumps in the creek creating a dam and the consequence has been devastating for the wildlife park.

Park owners and staff were able to access the park in the early hours of Thursday morning but rising waters only allowed a short time to assess damage before they were forced to leave the site, but initial checks confirm that buildings have been damaged, stock in the retail store has been lost and services are unavailable.

We can confirm the majority of animals are safe and well, but initial assessments confirm some enclosures have been damaged and it is likely some animals may have been lost through this unfortunate occurrence.

The members of the Wing Family and all the park staff are well and accounted for but are all devastated by the impacts of this flood and will now need time to assess the future of this amazing family experience and how they can move forward from yet another devasting event.

The wildlife park will remain closed for an indefinite period and any decisions regarding the future operation of the park will be shared with members of the community as soon as possible.

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