New rules for Check in TAS

Check in TAS app requirements are expanding to include more locations from the start of Friday 3rd September.

From that time, Tasmanians aged 16 or over who use public transport such as a bus or ferry will be required to check in.

People entering a passenger terminal such as an airport will also be required to check in.

The move is part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to keep Tasmanians safe.

Check in TAS is important for contact tracing in the event of COVID cases occurring in our community.

Everyone 16 years or older is already required to use Check in TAS when entering most businesses and events. 

All passenger buses and ferries, as well as airports, are required to register for and display QR codes for the Check in TAS app in order for people to check in.

To avoid delays, buses and ferries are not required to have alternative means of checking in. 

If anyone does not have a smartphone or someone with them who can check them in as a guest on a bus or ferry, they should make a personal note of their journey.

If you are heading to a Tasmanian airport you will also be required to check in from Friday 3 September. Whether it is to pick up arriving passengers, for your own travel, or if you work at an airport, you must check in.

It is important to note the new requirements do not apply to:
•    School students, regardless of their age, travelling on a bus or ferry on a school day;
•    Travel on a ferry in your car when you remain in your car; and
•    Travellers disembarking from a plane at an airport terminal.

Penalties may apply for not checking in at a required location.

The expansion of the Check in TAS process will be supported by advertisements over the next two weeks.

The Government has engaged with a range of stakeholders who will be impacted by the decision, including bus and ferry operators, Metro, Redline, Tasmanian Bus Association, Tasmanian Workers Union, private bus operators, Sea Link and airport operators.

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