Mount Wellington Cable Car now closer to operating by 2022

Mount Wellington Cable Car (Artists impression) Credit: Supplied MWCC

Mount Wellington Cable Way Company (MWCC) today lodged its response
to the Hobart City’s Council’s request for additional information.

MWCC Chair Chris Oldfield said today that COVID-19 travel restrictions
had delayed completion of the company’s response to the HCC’s requests
for further information.

“We have now finished almost all of the additional work requested by the
HCC which we believe substantially strengthens our DA.

“HCC now has everything it needs from us except our bushfire plan developed in consultation with the Tasmanian Fire Service on which we are
awaiting their final feedback. We expect that will be lodged separately very

“The cable car will provide a new all-year-round experience, providing a
much-needed shot in the arm for the COVID-19 ravaged tourism industry,”
he said.

Mr Oldfield noted comments by the Lord Mayor and tourism industry in
June that new tourism infrastructure was urgently needed on kunanyi/Mount Wellington to meet the growing demand of more than 500,000 visitors a year.

“Our DA and the additional information we have now provided
demonstrate clearly that the project will address current traffic congestion,
enhance the mountain environment, promote its heritage and vastly improve facilities for visitors.

“It will provide between $79 million to $99 million net economic benefit to
Tasmania’s economy each year, 200 jobs during its construction and 80 new
jobs (50 FTE) in engineering, hospitality and the tourism sectors once

He said once Council officers assessed the additional information it would
publicly release the entire DA, along with Council’s assessment of how it
addresses the relevant planning requirements.

“Once we get planning approval we are in a great position to start work
with the aim of having the cable car operating by the second half of 2022.”

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