Motorists urged to slow down through roadwork zones

Police are urging motorists to obey reduced speed limits in roadworks zones after 16 motorists were detected speeding in a two-hour period last week. 

Following complaints made to police about motorists speeding through roadworks on the Bass Highway on the Northwest Coast, several police operations have been conducted targeting high-range speeders.

As a result of one of the operations, between 12midday and 2pm last Wednesday, 16 motorists received infringement notices for speeding in multiple roadworks zones at Sassafras and Leith.  

“Motorists need to slow down when driving through roadworks and consider the safety of workers and other road users.” said Senior Sergeant Darren Woolley.  

“Despite clearly marked roadworks zones and speed reduction signs displayed, police detected motorists exceeding the speed limits and endangering the lives of workers carrying out improvements to the Bass Highway. 

“Driver behaviour needs to change so that road workers can work in a safe environment.”   

Police will continue to enforce speeding offences on Tasmania roadways where roadworks are being conducted.

Motorists are reminded to obey the posted limits in roadwork areas. 

Anyone who witnesses dangerous driving can report it to police on 131 444 or through Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000. 

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