Motorists urged to drive safely during the school holiday period

Tasmania Police is urging all road users to take road safety seriously as they travel across the state these school holidays.

“We know our roads are going to be busy as people make the most of the school term break and set off to holiday within our home state,” said Acting Assistant Commissioner Tony Cerritelli.

“While high-risk behaviours like speeding and drink or drug driving are extremely dangerous and selfish, on longer road trips, simple things like being distracted and fatigued can also have devastating results.”

“Police and emergency services have responded to far too many traumatic crashes in recent weeks, and we want to make sure other Tasmanian families aren’t left dealing with the consequences.”

“These crashes don’t only impact those directly involved and their loved ones, but also the emergency services workers who attend the scene and deal with the trauma and grief that follows.”

“In the interest of public safety, police will be continuing to enforce our road rules in both high-visibility and unmarked patrols across Tasmania throughout the school holidays.”

“We’ve recently seen several vehicles seized, fines issued, and licences lost as a result of our traffic enforcement activities across the state.”

“It’s disappointing that people are still flouting the rules and putting lives in danger.”

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we need Tasmanians to take it seriously.”

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