Motorists are being urged to drive safely over the long weekend

Police are urging all motorists to consider their actions on the roads and have a ‘Safe Arrival’ this long weekend.

“From Friday to Monday this long weekend, police will be conducting traffic operation ‘Safe Arrival’ across the state, aimed at improving driver behaviours and removing unsafe motorists from the roads.” said Acting Inspector Matthew Shea.

“With winter now here bringing adverse road conditions such as ice, rain and snow, it’s timely to urge all motorists to consider and reset their driving behaviours. “

“This weekend police will be conducting high visibility and covert traffic patrols, focused on the fatal five that are contributors to crashes, as well as vehicle defects and compliance with traffic lights.”

All motorists are encouraged to drive to survive the Fatal Five contributors to crashes and:

  • Obey the speed limit – it’s there for a reason.
  • Pay attention – one moment of distraction is all it takes to cause a crash.
  • Rest if you’re tired – arriving late is better than not arriving at all.
  • Buckle up every person in the vehicle – seatbelts save lives.
  • Never drive after drinking or taking drugs – you’ll be putting more than your life on the line.

“Traffic policing is a key priority for Tasmania Police, but police can’t manage road safety alone – all drivers are urged to take responsibility for their actions and help to keep our roads safe.” said Acting Inspector Shea.

“There are fines for disobeying the road rules, but the real penalty could be seriously injuring or killing yourself or someone else in a crash that could have been avoided.”

“Police need everyone to take road safety seriously and remember that it’s not just their life on the line when they get behind the wheel.”

The State Emergency Service will be operating Driver Reiver stations across the state over the long weekend with drivers urged to pull in and take a break.

“Our dedicated SES volunteers will be out supporting the community this long weekend, providing a reviver stop for all drivers, to encourage safe behaviours on our roads.” Said SES Acting Director, Matthew Brocklehurst.

Driver reviver sites will be staffed by SES volunteers on Monday, with free tea and coffee

available for people needing to take a break, at:

• Paramatta Creek – Bass Highway, between Latrobe and Deloraine

• St Peters Pass – Midland Highway near Oatlands

• Sideling Lookout – Tasman Highway between Launceston and Scottsdale

• Franklin River – Lyell Highway near Mt Arrowsmith

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