Medals awarded to Police, DPFEM staff and Psychologists

More than 230 current and retired police and DPFEM staff will be recognised for a combination of Medals and Awards, National Medals, National Police Service Medals and clasps at this year’s Medals and Awards Ceremonies across the state.

For the first time, this year a number of psychologists who have supported Ambulance Tasmania and DPFEM staff who attend critical (traumatic) incidents have been recognised through the awarding of Commissioner’s Certificates of Commendation.

“The Tasmania Emergency Services Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program was established in 1988 and is comprised of privately practicing psychologists and emergency service peers. 

The six psychologists are being recognised for their incredible commitment to our emergency service responders – a commitment that has seen them work with us for between 18 – 29 years. 

They have responded to critical incidents at all hours of the day or night, prioritise supporting our people and fulfil a crucial role in supporting the wellbeing of our members.

“All emergency service workers and volunteers perform challenging roles that expose them to greater risk of mental health trauma which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorders, stress and anxiety, and this risk can increase with repeated exposure to trauma,” Commissioner Hine said.

“We can’t change the incidents and events our people attend.  They are, unfortunately, part and parcel of emergency service work.  The CISM Program fulfils an essential role in our wellbeing support – and I am incredibly grateful to the program psychologists for the incredible commitment they have shown to our emergency responders over many, many years.”

Among those being recognised include:


  • Commissioner Darren Hine – Commissioner’s Third Clasp – 40yrs

State Service:

  • Mr Stuart Semmens – Commissioner’s Certificate of Appreciation- in recognition of his exemplary reassuring and responding communications while speaking to a secondary victim of a double murder at Hamilton in 2012.
  • Katheryn Prenter – Commissioners Award for 30 years’ Service.


  • Constable James Ebsworth – National Medal Second Clasp – 35 years


  • Inspector Michael Johnston and Constable Trudie Lusted – National Medal Second Clasp – 35yrs

Commissioner Hine paid tribute to the recipients, saying that the medals and awards were issued to members who have demonstrated a consistently high standard of work performance, along with demonstration of unequivocally high standards of personal and professional conduct.

“These awards are a chance for me to say thank you for the work that our police officers and State Service Employees do.  It’s these people who provide invaluable assistance in our mission to keep our communities safe,” Commissioner Hine said.

A ceremony for Burnie is set to take place in Burnie on Monday 16th November at 2pm, with Launceston set to hold a ceremony on Tuesday 17th November at 10am.

A ceremony for Hobart was held yesterday morning.

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