Mandatory ‘Check In TAS’ app not required for polling day

With polling day now very much upon us, members of the public may be wondering how all the polling places will manage with the current COVID-19 guidelines.

In a statement issued by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission, they said there is no need for people to use the ‘Check in TAS’ app when voting on Saturday 1st May.

All polling places in Tasmania now use electronic versions of the roll to check voters.

“We do not want to disenfranchise any Tasmanian electors who may not have a smart phone or have the check-in app installed. Special arrangements have been made with Public Health to make electronic roll information available if needed.” Said Commissioner Andrew Hawkey.

“Central to conducting Tasmanian elections is to provide, where possible, simple to access voting services.”

Below is a summary of how polling places will be kept COVID safe:

  • If electors would like they may BYO a pen or pencil
  • Hand sanitising stations will be available at every polling place
  • Regular cleaning intervals and as required
  • Adhering to maximum density limits
  • Polling places will be observing the 1.5m social distancing with markers on the floor to assist people
  • Staff will be observing good hand hygiene practices
  • Social catchups/ lengthy congregations will be discouraged to reduce any risk
  • Unwell electors should identify themselves so appropriate cleaning and hygiene can take place
  • Voting screens will be distanced

Polling places will be open from 8am to 6pm. Electors can find their nearest polling place here.

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