Man winched to safety from Mt Murchison

Just after 9pm on Saturday night, the 28 th of August 2021, Tasmania Police were alerted to an overdue walker on Mt Murchison near Queenstown.

The 23-year-old Victorian man had failed to contact is partner after a solo venture up the mountain.

The man’s vehicle was located at the start of the track and the man had signed the walk registration book.

The Victorian man was rescued after he attracted the attention of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter using his phone torch.

He was winched to safety and transported to Tullah and police returned him to his vehicle.

The man had found himself in very hard going and made the appropriate decision to wait out the night and not attempt to traverse the difficult terrain in darkness.

A police spokesman said that the man had plenty of water and was well provisioned however lacked the level of protective clothing and equipment required for such a trek and did not have an EPIRB, GPS or map with him.

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