Man tested positive for Coronavirus in states North West

Yesterday Peter Gutwein held a press conference updating Tasmanian’s on the current Coronavirus situation in the state.

A man in his 60’s was recently transported from a Victorian hospital to the North West Regional Hospital after receiving medical treatment in Melbourne.

The man initially tested negative to Coronavirus however, after undertaking a secondary test, the results came back positive. Peter Gutwein noted this is ‘what occurs with patients transferring back from Victorian health facilities.’

The man was admitted under all the appropriate infection control protocols and now brings the states total cases to 228.

Peter Gutwein also stated ‘we will see cases from time to time, but it is how we respond that matters’

Whilst the premier has been assured that the man doesn’t pose any risk to other patients or other Tasmanian’s, he has yet again urged all Tasmanian’s to do what they can to keep themselves, and those around them safe.

‘Make certain that you follow the rules. Continue to make sure you practice good hygiene. Socially distance. Do the right thing’

As at 5.11 pm, 11th August 2020, out of the 228 cases, 214 people have recovered from Coronavirus. For further information on COVID-19, visit or call the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

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