Lost walkers guided back to safety

At approximately 7.30pm on the 2nd of April 2021 a walking party contacted police after becoming disorientated on Mt Wellington, the local party of 8, including two children had set off at approximately 11am on a walk in the Thark Ridge area near the summit with the intention of returning to their vehicles, they misread an older map and began walking the Cathedral Rock Track in the opposite direction to what they had intended.

Police were contacted after it became dark, and although well prepared for day walking they were not equipped with any adequate light sources or maps to navigate after dark.

Acting Sergeant Callum Herbert from Police Search and rescue said “The party contacted police and were unsure about their exact whereabouts, a mobile phone locating tool was used which gave police the parties location down to the meter. The party were identified as being at the top of Cathedral Rock after negotiating the potentially treacherous Montagu Thumbs Traverse, further information was that a few members had attempted to walk out in the dark to what they thought was a carpark nearby.”

Acting Sergeant Herbert said “the were told to not move and wait for police to arrive, a party of police Search and rescue walkers were deployed and located the thirsty but uninjured party at Cathedral Rock about 9.30pm, they were given head torches and negotiated the steep track back to the car park, the second party had became further disorientated in the dark and were located by a separate SAR walking team on another track. After getting the group back together the tired and footsore walkers all arrived back at safety just before 2am”.

The weather conditions at the time were clear and warm and ideal nighttime walking conditions if appropriately equipped.

“This is a timely reminder to take appropriate maps and to plan your route with care, in this situation mobile phone technology was used to locate the party but battery power and service in bushland areas was a significant issue in this situation, the addition of a head torch to any daypack is also suggested if heading out for a long walk. Fortunately the party did the right thing by remaining at their location after contacting police and this adventure will likely be one that they don’t forget in a long while.”

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