Local show day public holidays fall under government scrutiny

We all enjoy a public holiday every now and then, but how would you feel if the powers that be suddenly decided to revoke a longstanding public holiday in your local municipality.

Elise Archer, Minister for Building and Construction issued a media release today stating that questions had been raised about whether show day public holidays should be cancelled if the show event is cancelled.

“The Tasmanian Government understands the importance of public holidays to families and communities around the State.”

“Due to the disruption and uncertainty that COVID-19 has created, questions were raised about whether the cancellation of a show event should result in the cancellation of the associated show day public holiday.”

“We know how much hard working Tasmanians look forward to these public holidays, and after completing a review, and after careful consideration our Government has decided not to make any significant changes to state-wide or local public holidays at this time, including local show day holidays.”

“I applaud the efforts of some show organisers who have been considering alternative events for 2020.”

“Most Tasmanians receive 11 public holidays a year and this number is in line with other states and territories. Any decision to change local public holidays would require sufficient time for proper consultation as well as time for community members to plan for the impact of a change in the date.”

“Our Government recognises the important role that local public holidays play in Tasmanian communities and we will continue to support the current arrangements.”

“This does not preclude changes being made on a case by case basis in response to the needs of a local community, subject to taking the mandated steps, which includes a requirement to consult with specific and relevant stakeholders.”

“To that end, the Government has recently commenced consultations with stakeholders on a potential change to the date of the Flinders Island Show from 2021.”

“The Show’s organisers have directly approached the Government about the possibility of changing the date of the Show, and the public holiday, from the Friday preceding the third Saturday in October to the third Friday in November each year.”

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