Labor state they will set aside $20 million to assist Tasmanians with buying solar for their homes

A majority Labor Government will set aside $20 million to fund loans of up to $15,000 for people to buy batteries and solar for their homes.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the policy would fix the Liberal’s failures on feed-in tariffs and help solar owners keep the value of their investment.

“Solar owners have been badly let down by the Liberals and have seen the value of their investment crumble after the feed-In tariffs were cut.” Ms White said.

“The controversial new ‘solar tax’ proposed by the Australian Energy Market Commission will further hit the value of feed-in tariffs with people set to be charged for exporting solar power to the grid.”

“Due to changes in the national electricity market it is now impossible to simply reinstate the previous tariff rates and the only solution is battery storage.”

“Battery storage is the equivalent of receiving a feed-in tariff equal to the retail rate charged by Aurora.”

“Labor will make interest-free loans available to households and businesses up to the value of $15,000 for the installation of battery storage or solar installation.”

Ms White said the loans would be over ten years, interest free for the first three years and then low interest for the remaining seven.

“Tasmanians need to feel secure in their solar investment and under the Liberals this has not been the case.”

“This funding will help ensure Tasmanians see return on their solar investment which is both beneficial to them and the environment.”

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