Intoxicated driver receives immediate disqualification

A driver has been immediately disqualified for 12 months after she exceeded the blood alcohol limit by more than 5 times earlier today.

Just after 10am this morning, multiple witnesses observed a female driving along Mount Leslie Road at Prospect Vale where she was seen swerving across the roadway narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.

Witnesses phoned 000 where police attended minutes later and located the driver still in her vehicle. Police will allege that the driver, a 59 year old female from Prospect Vale, recorded a breath analysis reading of 0.256, more than 5 times the prescribed legal limit of 0.05.

The female has been charged with multiple offences including drive a vehicle under the influence of liquor and drive a motor vehicle whilst exceeding the prescribed alcohol limit. She has since been bailed to appear.

Tasmania Police would like to thank members of the public who assisted with this matter, including those who remained at the scene and those took footage of the vehicle and driver, which all greatly assists any police investigation.

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